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4 Reasons To Include Hemp Seed Oil In Your Skincare Routine

Oil based skincare products are no big secret. Review any modern skincare brand and you’ll likely find an oil based moisturiser, serum or cleanser – and with good reason! They can work wonders for skin conditions and are great for daily care and maintenance.

You can find a range of natural oils in skincare products these days, from jojoba to sweet almond oil. But one oil continues to stand above the rest when it comes to skin and body care – that is of course, hemp seed oil.

Firstly, what is hemp seed oil?

Hemp seed oil is harvested by cold-pressing the seeds of the cannabis (hemp) plant. It is often left unrefined and is transparent and green in colour. It contains no THC (tetrahyrocannabinol) or CBD (cannabidiol) and is safe and legal in Australia to consume and apply on your skin.

Why are natural oils used in skin and body care?

The skin on our faces and body contain (among other building blocks) what are known as lipids. These are your skin’s natural fats and they play an important role in maintaining your skin’s strength and moisture levels. They form a protective barrier to guard against environmental damage and impurities and aid in your skin’s natural repair process.

The purpose of using oil in skincare is generally not to moisturise, but to introduce key nutrients and work with your lipids to lock in and protect the moisture that is already there.

Why hemp seed oil is the superior oil choice for your skin

Most oils are lipophilic meaning they are attracted to lipids or fats. They can penetrate deep into the skin and form a protective, nourishing barrier around skin cells.

This is different to hydrophilic which refers to a substance that is more easily attracted to water than fats. Products that contain humectant ingredients which are hydrophilic will help bind water to your skin increasing the moisture content.

The brilliant thing about hemp seed oil is that it has an excellent balance of both lipophilic and hydrophilic properties. It works in harmony with your skin allowing it to stay beautifully balanced by attracting moisture to it and then locking it in. Its light and smoothing texture leaves your skin feeling plump and hydrated without the heavy, slick or greasy feeling that other oils can cause – a difference you have to feel to understand!

Hemp seed oil reduces redness, dryness and inflammation

Hemp seed oil has been found to contain an optimal ratio of Omega-3 (alpha-linoleic) and Omega-6 (linoleic) fatty acids. Omega fatty acids are known as essential fatty acids. This means our bodies aren’t capable of producing them on their own and they must be introduced from outside sources.

They’re key to maintaining healthy skin by reducing inflammation, regulating oil production and protecting against sun damage. Omegas will help to balance your skin’s inflammatory response leading to a reduction in redness, dryness, itchiness and other uncomfortable symptoms. It’s especially helpful in calming symptoms of psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis.

Other sources of Omegas include walnuts and fish oil. However, hemp seed oil was found to have higher quantities than any other known plant source.

Hemp seed oil has anti-ageing properties

Speaking again of the Omega fatty acid content, hemp seed oil can help to protect your skin from the damaging effects of the sun by strengthening its natural protective barrier, and then reducing any UV damage that has occurred.

It also contains a high concentration of Vitamin E and antioxidants which protects against free radicals and reduces of the appearance of marks, scars and pigmentation or discolouration making it an ideal choice for mature or maturing skin.

Hemp seed oil will not clog your pores

Hemp seed oil is non-comedogenic meaning it will not clog your pores. It's a godsend for people who suffer from acne, blackheads, whiteheads and other conditions caused by clogged pores as it works well to balance your skin’s natural oil production and won’t contribute to new spots.

It sits on a very small list of completely non-comedogenic oils and carries a comedogenic rating of “0”. (The comedogenic scale runs from 0-5 with 5 being the most likely to clog the pores of any and everyone who uses it.)

In addition, its high levels of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties can help to calm any existing acne that may be present.

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