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My name is Glenn and this is the story of Total Hemp Co.

It all began back in 2014. The state government of Western Australia had approved the production of industrial hemp and was on the brink of allowing cultivation of cannabis for medicinal and scientific purposes.

Having a keen interest in both horticulture and the fantastic therapeutic qualities of cannabis, I knew I wanted to be a pioneer in the field and help make these products readily accessible within Western Australia. With the help of a few friends and acquaintances, I planted a single crop of industrial hemp. From the sprouting of the very first seedling, I can say I was completely mesmerised and forever captivated.


The years that followed led me to a deep appreciation for the cannabis plant and its indisputable benefits for mankind. There were very few resources for learning at that time and much of my knowledge came from books, YouTube, individuals I met through my travels and the few hemp associations that existed around Australia. I fervently studied hemp history and learned about how the plant has been demonised unjustly over the past century. I am a passionate advocate for changes of legislation which would allow cannabis, in all its forms, to be experienced and enjoyed without restriction within Australia.

Today, Total Hemp Company employs up to 15 people seasonally and produces a wide range of wonderful hemp products that are ever expanding. In addition to our product line, we are moving towards hemp education, assistance for new hemp growers and research and development into producing the best quality hemp seeds for different regions within Australia.

My vision is to see Australia become a world leader in hemp production thereby creating health, wealth and employment for our country. Every day we strive for more – and more will come.

For more in depth reading on cannabis, visit our Partner Sites page where you will find links to local and national hemp associations, medical marijuana producers and other organisations that are doing excellent work.


Glenn Ossy-Orley
Owner & Founder, Total Hemp Company
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