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Hand Crafted Sound Healing Bowl

Hand Crafted Sound Healing Bowl


Experience the calming and meditative benefits of our hand crafted singing bowls. Used in conjunction with meditation, sound baths, prayer and other ancient healing practices, the vibrations of the healing bowls can help you to deeply relax. Our bowls are handmade on site at Total Hemp Co. from up-cycled gas bottles, formed to shape and gold powder coated.


Each bowl comes with a handmade mallet made of wooden dowel and vegan velvet leather. Due to the handmade nature of this product, each bowl may carry small variations and imperfections. This is what makes them unique and special! Please enjoy.  Scroll down for a list of benefits or click watch the Maker demo this product on Youtube.


Dimensions: 30cm diameter / 15cm height.

>Watch the Maker demonstrate this product on Youtube

Sounds affect the body in many different ways. The vibrations of singing bowls can induce a deep relaxation and shift in consciousness which in turn can help to rejuvenate the body. While in deep states of relaxation, the body is more easily able to regenerate cells and muscle tissue, relieve pain the the joints, ease the digestive system and even help to alleviate headaches or injuries.

Sound therapy has been traditionally used to help:

  • lessen pain
  • improve sleep
  • reduce anger
  • improve blood pressure
  • improve respiratory rate
  • reduce depression
  • improve general well-being

High vibrational sounds can help to improve the circulation of both body fluids and improve energy flow, releasing blockages and eliminating toxins.

They can help to stabilise meridians, stimulate the immune system and improve synaptic responses in our brain.

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