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Hemp Seed Duo - 2 Pack

Hemp Seed Duo - 2 Pack


Buy 2 bags and save! Our fresh, hulled hemp seeds are brimming with wholesome goodness and nutrition. They have a mild, nutty flavour and are best enjoyed raw or prepared using only low heat to preserve their essential fatty acids which can help to regulate metabolism and improve brain function. A rich source of protein, fibre and essential minerals, hemp seeds promote digestive regularity, bone health and provide immune support. They can even help to stimulate hair and nail growth. Enjoy hemp seeds by sprinkling on cereal, yogurt and salads or add to shakes, smoothies, breads, pancakes, muesli bars or baked desserts.


2 x 250g resealable pouches

Vegan and gluten free. Product of Australia. Store in an air tight container away from direct sunlight.

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