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Easy Hemp & Lemon Hummus

It’s late August, and here in Western Australia all the branches of the neighbourhood citrus trees are weighted down with plump, juicy, fragrant lemons. On just about every street some friendly neighbour has put out a basket brimming with lemons and a HELP YOURSELF sign. Naturally I snap them up so I can make – you guessed it – HUMMUS.

Hummus is a staple condiment in my home. It’s a great plant based source of protein while being high in fibre and fairly low in fat and calories. This classic chickpea dip originated in the Middle East (Egypt in particular some think) and consists of a few base ingredients that you toss into a food processor, blend and you’re good to go. It’s so quick and simple to make your own hummus and it tastes way better than any store bought brand because you’re cutting out the preservatives. It’s great to whip up and serve as part of a tasting board if guests are popping by or just keep in the fridge to smooth onto toast and sandwiches, pack in school lunches with cut veggies, etc.

This yummy variation on a traditional hummus recipe uses hemp seed oil instead of olive oil. Olive oil and hemp seed oil are similar in body and texture. They are both best handled without a lot of heat making them perfect for hummus preparation. For this recipe, hemp seed oil provides a beautiful earthiness that gives the hummus a nice buttery flavour, especially when paired with lovely salted crackers or artisan biscuits.

Use this recipe as a guideline to make your own unique hummus creations. Once you’ve got the basic form

ula down, simply adjust the quantities to your own taste. For example, if you like a runnier hummus, use more of the liquid ingredients. Inversely, if you like it thicker and more like a spread than a dip, dial back on the liquid ingredients. For low-fat or “skinny” hummus you can swap out 1 or 2 tablespoons of the hemp seed oil for water. For a zestier flavour, add a teaspoon of grated lemon zest. You can add chilli flakes, smoked paprika or even fresh or tinned jalapeno peppers if you’re feeling like party time. Have fun with it.

You can use canned or dried chickpeas for this recipe. Both are nice. I tend to use canned because I don’t generally remember to soak things before I want to make them, but I find that dried chickpeas create a lighter, fluffier hummus than the canned type so try them both and see what you prefer.

Easy Hemp & Lemon Hummus Recipe

This recipe is vegan & gluten-free


  1. 400g tin of chickpeas (Or ¾ cup of dried chickpeas, soaked overnight and boiled in fresh water until fully reconstituted.)

  2. 3 tbsp hemp seed oil

  3. 3 tbsp fresh lemon juice

  4. 1 clove of garlic

  5. 2 tbsp tahini (sesame seed butter)

  6. ½ tsp salt (adjust to taste)

  7. ¼ tsp ground cumin (this is optional, I find it pairs really nicely with the hemp seed oil though and like to include it)

  8. 1 tbsp water (if needed)

  9. 1 tbsp hemp seeds for garnish


  1. Strain and rinse the chickpeas under cold water and add to the food processor

  2. Add the hemp seed oil, tahini and salt

  3. Juice the lemon and add it to the food processor

  4. Use a garlic press for your clove of garlic and add it to the bowl

  5. Pop the lid on and blend away until smooth. (Usually about 1 minute total) You may have to stop once or twice and scrape down the sides of the bowl before blending again. If the mixture isn’t blending smoothly, you can add a spoonful of water to thin it out and get it moving.

  6. Scrape out of the food processor bowl and into a serving bowl using a rubber spatula.

  7. You can serve right away if you’re in a rush but it develops a nicer consistency if you cover it and let it sit in the fridge for at least an hour prior to serving.

  8. Top with the hemp seeds for a beautiful (and nutrient packed) presentation.

This hummus should be stored in the fridge in an airtight container and is best consumed within 5 days.


Instead of the ¼ tsp of dried cumin, try one of the following variations:

  1. ½ tsp smoked paprika

  2. 1 tsp dried chilli flakes

  3. 6-8 jalapeno pepper slices from a can or jar plus swap 1tbsp of the lemon juice for 1 tbsp of the jalapeno brine for maximum flavour

  4. 6-8 leaves of fresh basil



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